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by Tom Guzewich 2019-03-14

PlayFab PubSub Private Preview

Today we are excited to announce the PlayFab PubSub private preview! PubSub is a powerful system for relaying messages between services and clients through a persistent network connection. It solves a wide variety of challenges facing game developers by allowing clients to subscribe to topics and have updates pushed to them automatically. Plus, it’s integrated natively with PlayStream so you can subscribe to standard events like entity_logged_in or custom events you define like player_won_match that your game may already be sending. 

PlayFab PubSub is awesome because it lets your game:

  • Push messages to specific clients – Send text messages, guild invites, gift notifications, or personalized offers to any user instantly.
  • Keep state in sync without polling – Game world changes, multiplayer game moves, config updates, matchmaking ticket state, or friends’ presence info can be pushed to your clients without the cost or latency of polling a service.
  • Extend PlayStream to the client – PlayStream already allows your game to trigger all sorts of server-side actions based on any event.  With PubSub, those events are no longer confined to the server and can trigger behavior directly on your player’s device as well.

And of course PubSub is a cross-platform solution, meaning you can use it to solve these challenges whether you’re building an epic RPG on consoles, a match 3 mobile game, or anything in between.

PlayFab PubSub is operating today for a small group of developers in a private preview and we’re excited to have even more of you to check it out and give us feedback.  Interested?  Contact to sign up!