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byLester Jackson 2021-10-13

PlayFab sunsetting legacy Multiplayer Servers

To continue delivering the best possible developer experience across our Azure PlayFab services, we are moving forward with decommissioning our legacy Multiplayer Servers powered by AWS on March 1st 2022. This means, after March 1st PlayFab developers will no longer have access to the legacy blade in Game Manager and all associated API’s will stop working. For any title currently running on legacy Multiplayer Servers, developers will need to migrate their title to the current version of Multiplayer Servers before March 1st to ensure there is no interruption of service. Meanwhile, teams will still be able to access their legacy title and utilize the API’s but will not be able to create new titles using the legacy Multiplayer Servers service.  To migrate and learn more about the currently supported Multiplayer Servers, we have put together a series of samples alongside our documentation – available on GitHub – located here, PlayFab/MPSsamples.

Get started with the latest version of Multiplayer Servers

The following wrapping GSDK samples will show you how to easily and quickly integrate the GSDK by wrapping an existing game server found at MpsSamples/wrappingGsdk. You can pair this with our OpenArena sample found at MpsSamples/openarena if you want to use an example.

Once you have implemented the new Multiplayer Servers service you can learn more about deploying through Game Manager or PowerShell/API through our documentation found at:

After deployment, you can easily see your Multiplayer Servers Builds, Game Servers, VM’s or allocate a game server using the MpsAllocatorSample found on GitHub under PlayFab/MpsSamples. This will allow you to easily allocate game servers and see the details of our active servers.  

Recently, we’ve released exciting new features with the latest version of Multiplayer Servers which includes VM performance metrics, a redesign of Servers & VM’s, ability to manage assets, and more! Good to remember that all PlayFab customers get up to 750 FREE Dasv4 core hours per month, with additional hours billed to your account. You are responsible for tracking the amount of usage you have on your titles. To find out more about billing with Multiplayer Servers you can read more at Billing for PlayFab Multiplayer Servers or for detailed information visit the Multiplayer Servers - detailed price sheet

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the PlayFab channel in our Game Stack discord.