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by BrendanVanous 2016-02-16

PlayFab's New Game Manager

Today we’re announcing a preview version of the new PlayFab Game Manager. We’ve been working hard on this for several months, and it’s by far it’s the most biggest and most visible update to PlayFab yet. Please visit to check it out — you won’t want to go back.

There are too many new features to include in this one blog post — we will be mentioning them in separate blog posts in coming days and weeks — but here’s a brief list:

  • New look and feel. We’ve updated the style to be a lot more modern and easy to use.

  • Real-time event debugger. Now you can see a stream of real-time events from your game on the dashboard. This is invaluable during title development, as it gives you a shortcut to viewing exactly how your test users are interacting with the game, but it’s also valuable post-launch, as you can crank the sampling rate up based upon your total usage, and keep an eye out for unusual events.

  • Real-time KPIs. Installs, logins, and revenue are now updated every 10 minutes. No more waiting to see how your game is performing. Expect many more real-time stats in the near future.

  • Full character manager. Now you can manage all aspects of a player’s character, including inventory and stats.

  • Better display of title data. Now easier editing of your long title data fields.

  • Full audit log. Now you can page through your entire audit log, instead of just seeing the most recent set of entries.

  • Responsive. The new Game Manager is now fully responsive, and can be used just as well from a tablet as a PC.

  • View leaderboards. Now view the leaderboard for any of your player stats, directly from within the Game Manager.

  • Resettable leaderboards. Reset a leaderboard manually at any time, or schedule it to reset on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Please be sure to share your feedback with us during this preview phase. We’re very interested in your suggestions and comments. You can always reach us via our forums, or email us at