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byPaul Gilmore 2017-05-22

Unity Android Push

We have released major improvements to our Android Push Plugin, which is an optional add-on to our UnitySDK.

There have been some issues with our Android Push Plugin for Unity.

We are working on an overhaul of the plugin to be significantly better in every way. This effort is about halfway done, and is expected to be available in the next release of PlayFab UnitySDK (which will be v2.22).

Here are some expected improvements:

  • Scheduled push notifications will finally work correctly
    • Fixing support for delivery at local device time (Deliver notifications at the ideal time of day for the player)
    • Adding support for UTC delivery time (Deliver notifications synchronized worldwide)
    • Custom message Ids overlap with scheduling, and there'll be a section of the new guide that describe the details
    • Accepted timestamp formats have been changed to: "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"(local) or "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ"(UTC ISO 8601) or "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZ"(UTC ISO 8601)
  • It will be possible to cancel a scheduled notification
  • You will no longer have to call UpdateRouting() every time the focus of your app changes
  • OnGcmMessage callback will always trigger for all push notifications if your app is running and in focus
    • It will also provide the full information about the message, rather than just the message text
  • Push plugin can now be stopped and restarted safely (along with many other bug fixes and safety improvements)
  • Push Setup is dramatically improved
    • Typical users will be between 1-3 lines of setup (previously, it was more like 20)
    • All of the "mandatory boiler-plate" code will no longer be required
  • Icons will be much more forgiving: If your icon does not exist, our plugin won't crash your app (And the notification will still display)
  • Setting all fields (title, icon, message, sound, customData, etc) can be set more easily be set from within the plugin
  • Lots of bugfixes, compile-issue fixes, #define fixes, and other small things

This will represent a sdk-breaking change from our previous push plugin, and as such, upgrading will require manual steps. Thankfully, we anticipate the steps will be: delete the old plugin and setup code, add the 1-3 lines of new setup, and you'll be done. An upgrade guide will be released with the plugin.


Check out our update guide here

Other updates:

  • We hoped to have plugins for multiple combinations of Android, GCM, and/or appcompat/support for this release, but that is delayed
  • The push-cache has been removed temporarily. It will be restored in a future release


There's a lot of backlog with our Unity Android Push notifications and I may not be aware of it all, so please feel free to post questions, concerns, requests, reminders, and/or feedback here.