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byJamesGwertzman 2016-07-14

Register Now for First PlayFab Developer Workshop

Tickets are still available for PlayFab's first Developer Workshop! Sign up now for 2 information-packed days all about PlayFab. Sessions will include technical talks, round-tables, case-studies, and plenty of opportunities to chat with the PlayFab team and other developers using PlayFab.

The workshop is in Seattle, at the PlayFab offices, just a few blocks from Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. Whether you're a developer still evaluating whether PlayFab is right for your project, deep in development on your first PlayFab-powered project, or already operating your live game on the PlayFab platform, there's content for you.

Please join us!

Download the full agenda, or see a list of sessions below:

At a glance:

Thursday, July 28th

9:00 AM          Big picture on the future direction of PlayFab (James Gwertzman)

Kick things off with the big picture. What trends are we seeing, and where is PlayFab going to help meet our developer needs?

9:30 AM          PlayFab architecture deep-dive(Matt Augustine)

CTO & architect Matt Augustine will provide an in-depth look into the PlayFab architecture

10:00 AM        Top mistakes developers make using PlayFab (Brendan Vanous)

Learn about the most common mistakes we've seen titles make, and the design patterns that get you to the end goal the right way.

11:00 AM        Effective LiveOps w/ PlayFab (James Gwertzman)

Dynamic events, sales, promotions and content can all be driven from the comfort of the Game Manager dashboard. See how to build an effective LiveOps strategy around PlayFab.

11:30 AM        PlayFab gems that impressed us from developers (Brendan Vanous)

Tune in to see some of the best gems other PlayFab developers are using to power their game. We will discuss systems such as referral codes, player data uses and override testing.

1:15 PM           Unicorn Battle Tear-down (Zac Bragg)

Tune in for a detailed tear-down of Unicorn Battle, PlayFab's end-to-end demonstration title. Learn how we built Dynamic Gameplay, Sales and Content.

1:45 PM           Developer Case Study (TBD)

A case study of a title built on PlayFab, presented by one of the developers.

2:15 PM           Best practices for monetization -- round table (All)

Share your monetization best-practices with others in the PlayFab developer community.

2:45 PM           Privacy and regulations: COPPA, Europe data, etc. (TBD)

Learn to avoid some of the basic pitfalls when building games targeted towards children and other geographic regions.

3:45 PM           Debugging PlayFab with tools like postman, wireshark, event logs, fiddler, and reports. (TBD)

Learn the best tips, tricks and tools for debugging your PlayFab title.

4:30 PM           Feedback to the PlayFab dev team -- round table (All)

Ideas on how to improve PlayFab? This is your chance to present them to our engineering team.

Friday, July 29th

9:00 AM          Detailed Roadmap (James Gwertzman & Matt Augustine)

Find out what's on the horizon for PlayFab. Near-min term features, improvements and services will be discussed.

 9:30 AM         Using data to test & iterate more effectively (Damon Danieli)

Vanity metrics and App Store reviews will only get you so far. Learn how to really dig into your own data to diagnose what’s going on in your game, and determine how to best make a difference.

10:00 AM        Using stores and IAP effectively (targeted stores, multiple items, etc) (Marco Williams)

Providing players with multiple ways to pay for content can do wonders for your AARPU. Just make sure that you give the right options to the right players at the right time. Learn about receipt validation, targeted stores, and maximizing how IAP items are presented to your players.

 11:00 AM       From Dev to Live: Launching on PlayFab (Brendan Vanous)

The last thing you want while trying to ship your game are surprises. Here, we'll discuss a plan for getting your game live as smoothly as possible.

 11:30 AM       Top 10 workarounds for missing PlayFab features (Zac Bragg)

We'll look at some common game features that are not yet implemented in PlayFab, and discuss ways to build your own workarounds.

1:15 PM           Building custom tools to manage and administer PlayFabMarcos (Flying Car Games)

One of the most powerful features of PlayFab is our Admin API. Learn how Flying Car Games has integrated the PlayFab API into their build process. This will feature configuration tools, continuous integration and testing.

 1:45 PM          Integrating PlayFab w/ external database (e.g., Firebase or MangoDB) (Melissa Benua)

Many developers have requested an RDS integration with PlayFab. Tune in to learn the latest on accessing your own private database.

 2:15 PM          Using the game manager effectively on a daily basis (All)

Share your usage patterns and tips for using the Game Manager with others in the PlayFab developer community.

 2:45 PM          Open Mic Q&A (All)

Ask us anything. Really.

3:45 PM           PlayStream deep-dive (Matt Augustine)

Go deep into the architecture of PlayStream to see how it's built, how it interacts with external systems, and how to get the most value out of it.