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byShikhaTarware 2020-04-10

Release notes on PlayFab GitHub Repo

We have created a new public GitHub repository for PlayFab where we will communicate service releases notes and product updates. This is a step towards building on the collaborative community environment GitHub offers. We’re starting with releases and a readme, and will be opening the issues section soon, making it easier for you to share product feedback and requests.

The PlayFab repository's release notes include a categorized list of new features, improvements and bug fixes for each tagged service release. You can use this to find out if a release contains a feature you’re interested in, monitor the progress of features over time, or narrow down where a bug might have been introduced. You can subscribe to notifications of new release notes by clicking on ‘watch’.

Please note that SDK release notes will continue to be posted on the documentation portal’s release notes page, and Orleans release notes will continue to be posted in the Orleans repo.

We look forward to working with you in collaborating on and improving the PlayFab Public GitHub repo. If you have questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please leave comments in our Forum. The next iteration will involve issue management via the PlayFab GitHub repo. Stay tuned!