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by JacobJaffe 2017-09-01

Advance your Analytics, Save your Searches

PlayStream unifies the entire data flow from your game, processing all events and storing them. By default, Game Manager's Event History displays all events that have occurred within your retention period, showing your players' activity at a glance.

To help you get the most out of your event data, Event History supports powerful, complex queries and aggregations on your game's events. 

Now, Event History also supports saving the searches you construct, so that you can reuse your searches. Simply click "Save" after making a search, and the entire state of your search will be stored:

Select your search from the "Saved searches" drop-down to reconstruct your search:

We also have a new tutorial describing how to construct searches, with an example showing how to use Event History to compare how much money each of your payment providers processes.

EXAMPLE: an event history chart for a custom search

We'd love to hear your feedback on the changes to Event History! Please share your thoughts in our Request Features form.