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by James Gwertzman 2019-02-26

Self-Serve Tier Upgrades now available

We’re pleased to announce that you can now upgrade your PlayFab tier on your own, via a self-serve process. It’s no longer necessary to contact the PlayFab sales team or sign a formal contract in order to upgrade to a higher level of service.

Why upgrade?

When you create a new PlayFab account, you are automatically put into our free “Essentials” tier. The essentials tier is limited in the following ways:

  • Relatively low limits on most PlayFab services (e.g., data storage per player, size of player inventory, number of leader boards)
  • No service-level agreement (SLA) or dedicated support plan
  • No opportunity to take advantage of new premium services that are coming (e.g., multiplayer server hosting, integrated data warehouse)

For games who want a higher level of service, we offer two tier upgrades. An “indie” plan, and a “professional” plan. You can view the compare the different tiers on our pricing page.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade out of the essentials tier, log into to the PlayFab Game Manager ( and visit the “My Studios and Titles” page by clicking the PlayFab logo at the top left.

Next to your studio name, you will see your current tier. If you have multiple studios, you may upgrade each studio independently.

To upgrade a studio, click the “Essentials Tier” button on the right. You will be taken to the upgrade screen. Click “Select Tier” next to the tier you wish to upgrade to.

You will then have an opportunity to provide your billing information, and a credit card.

Note, you must first fill in the contact info, and then add the credit card.

When you are done, you’ll see the details filled in:

Now click “Next”. At this point you have an opportunity to pre-pay for MAU on an annual basis. This makes sense for games who are expecting to have a lot of MAU, or who already have a fairly steady amount of traffic. Otherwise choose “pay-as-you-go”

At this point, if you have multiple studios, you will have an opportunity to upgrade any other studios in your account. Finally, you will be taken to the final confirmation screen. You must agree to the terms and services, and then you will have completed the upgrade process.

You will be returned to the “My studios and titles” screen, and you will see that your title is now in a new tier (either Pro or Indie).

To inspect your new limits, open any of the titles in that studio, click “Settings”, then click “Limits”. You’ll notice that most of the limits will have been significantly raised up.

If you have any problems or questions about the upgrade process, or what to discuss a custom enterprise agreement, just email