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by JamesGwertzman 2014-07-30

Some Fun PlayFab Stats

As part of the recent PlayFab update, we replaced our analytics system with a much more powerful one based on technology from Appuri, an analytics company also based in Seattle, and Amazon RedShift, a data warehouse solution that lets us handle far more data than before, with faster queries, for lower cost.

This past week, we've been going through the work of re-ingesting historical data into the new system so we can do queries that go back in time to the start of PlayFab. As a result, we'd now like to share with you the first ever set of PlayFab "Fun Facts!"

  • Total number of players registered: 4.8 million
  • Total number of in-game items purchased across all games: 138 million
  • Average number of API calls per day in July: 9.5 million
  • Total number of multiplayer game sessions completed to date: more than 10 million
  • Most frequently called API function: GetRegionPlaylists (42 million times this month)
  • Least frequently called API function: ConsumeItem (696K times this month)
  • Ratio of data sent from PlayFab servers to data received: 67-to-1
  • Peak concurrent users: 30,000

More on our new analytics system in a future blog post... but for now, check out our LogEvent function call. It's pretty cool -- games can generate any arbitrary event they want, we put the results into RedShift, and you can later report on it.