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byJames Gwertzman 2020-10-13

Starting today: Save up to 90% using PlayFab Party

Big news! We are dropping the price of Azure PlayFab Party, significantly reducing barriers for developers to add game chat and data comms to their title. For existing customers, PlayFab Party’s new pricing could save teams up to 90%. Since Party launched to general availability earlier this year in April, we’ve been able to drastically reduce costs through service efficiencies and improvements, and we’re excited to pass those savings to you. In addition, we’ve added more meters within our Standard and Premium plans, which already includes 24/7 ops monitoring. Whether you’ve looked at PlayFab Party or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, we believe this is now the best offering in game chat and data communication on the market. You can view the updated Party rates on the Pricing page at

Why PlayFab Party is right for you

PlayFab Party provides low-latency chat and data communication for your game’s players, saving you time and resources standing up and managing your own infrastructure. You can use Party for multiplayer networking only, for voice and/or text chat only, OR for both chat AND multiplayer networking! This managed game service is flexible, inclusive, and most importantly, reliable and secure. Backed by Azure cloud relays, Party is ideal for games or game modes where a cloud-hosted dedicated server is not desired (as opposed to a less secure, less reliable direct "peer to peer" connection between devices). Party is also well-suited to power voice and text communication for social experiences your app may provide (e.g. in-game squads or pre/post-game lobbies), even if you're using a cloud server as the game host.

Key benefits of using PlayFab Party for your game chat and data comms:

  • Free when used on Xbox network: PlayFab Party is available at no cost when used by an Xbox authenticated player across any device Xbox identity supports (Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android)
  • Cross-platform communication: Voice and chat solution for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS, Android and Stadia
  • Cross-platform mesh: Allocate Party relays in the lowest latency region or select regions yourself, choosing from Azure regions distributed across the globe.
  • Real-time audio manipulation: Access raw voice audio data to apply cool effects using popular aftermarket software like Wwise or FMOD, or using your own solution
  • Unity and Unreal middleware support: Integrate PlayFab Party quickly and scale to millions of players
  • Built for accessibility: Meet and exceed your game’s accessibility needs (CVAA compliance) with real-time transcription and speech synthesis powered by Azure cognitive services
  • Grow inclusive and diverse communities: Harness the power of real-time speech-to-text translation available in 60+ languages
  • Trusted by studios across the industry: PlayFab Party powers games like Halo 5: Guardians, Gears 5, DOOM Eternal, Astroneer, Sea of Thieves, and more!

If you want game chat and data comms in your game, you want a service that can handle your vision. With today’s Party price drop, powered by the scale and security of Azure, we welcome you to bring your vision to life with PlayFab Party services. Get started today for Free!