Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • SDK Update Blog

    2017-08-04 by pgilmore

    For the past month, we have been working on fulfilling this promise for some of the SDKs which had fallen behind, two in particular: Unreal and Lumberyard.

  • New Support for Windows 10

    2017-07-19 by JamesGwertzman

    We're happy to have added support in PlayFab for the Universal Windows Platform. This means you can now authenticate players using Windows Hello, and sell virtual items via the Windows Store.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Deprecation Notice

    2017-07-18 by pgilmore

    With the release of Visual Studio 2017, we are reducing our effort to support VS2013. This blog post explains what actions will be taken and what changes are to be implemented.

  • Unity Android Push

    2017-05-22 by pgilmore

    We are about to release major improvements to our Android Push Plugin.

  • New TypeScript SDKs

    2017-01-30 by pgilmore

    We have created TypeScript typings for our JavaScript and Node SDKs. We’ve also created a new repository to store TypeScript typings for our CloudScript environment.

  • Windows SDK Update Released

    2016-12-13 by pgilmore

    The new major update to our Windows SDK is now live. You can get the latest version by installing the NuGet package, via Visual Studio.

  • Windows SDK Update Blog

    2016-11-21 by pgilmore

    We are building a replacement for our Windows SDk, which will try to address many of its known issues. See our Github page for a sneak preview of this replacement.

  • Game Server Hosting and Matchmaking Update!

    2016-09-28 by BrendanVanous

    With our latest update, developers can now host their servers wherever they like, and on any operating system.

  • More Visibility About Deprecation of API Methods

    2016-09-06 by pgilmore

    This blog post is about deprecation of PlayFab API methods and how it affects titles that are under active development.

  • Unity SDK V2 - Released

    2016-07-22 by MarcoWilliams

    The PlayFab Unity SDK V2 has been available in Beta for 3 weeks, now. We did one week of an internal beta and two weeks of a public Beta, and the results have been excellent. So the time has come and we are pleased to announce that the new Unity SDK V2 is officially released!