Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • New Support for Windows 10

    2017-07-19 by JamesGwertzman

    We're happy to have added support in PlayFab for the Universal Windows Platform. This means you can now authenticate players using Windows Hello, and sell virtual items via the Windows Store.

  • Documentation Website Update July 2017 (again)

    2017-07-18 by pgilmore

    This blog post contains a list of links for our recent and published guides. Again.

  • Documentation Website Update July 2017

    2017-06-14 by pgilmore

    There are more guides to check out. This post contains a big list and details.

  • More Documentation Website Improvements

    2017-05-17 by pgilmore

    We have written more guides and published it to our documentation website. This batch of guides focuses on our Analytics reports.

  • TypeScript: A PlayFab Customer Perspective

    2017-02-24 by Joshua Strunk of Flying Car Games

    This guest post explain how to leverage the TypeScript transpiler to help reduce type related runtime errors and to allow the writing of more familiar inheritance-based object oriented code, when authoring code for CloudScript.

  • Using Google Sign-in with PlayFab

    2017-02-01 by MarcoWilliams

    Setting up Google Sign-in is pretty complex, but once you know the process it’s easy to follow the steps. In this blog we walk you thought what it takes to set up a Google Play project, configure your title in PlayFab, and then connect the two via code in Unity.

  • New SDK Getting Started Guides

    2017-01-06 by pgilmore

    In this post, we list and link to our many new guides. Many are each SDK specific, and have detailed instructions on how to install any environment, hook up the corresponding PlayFab SDK, and make your first Login API call.

  • Executing the PlayFab API via Postman

    2016-04-06 by pgilmore

    For those new to Postman, we created a tutorial to walk you through the initial setup as well as making your first HTTP request.

  • Webinar Wrap-Up: Getting Started with PlayFab

    2016-03-18 by MarcoWilliams

    Join us to learn why PlayFab is the fast and cost effective way to build, launch, and grow your mobile, PC or console game.

  • Watch PlayFab's New Tutorial

    2016-03-18 by MarcoWilliams

    Interested in PlayFab's free tier, but want to learn more before trying us out? Get a detailed look at all the features PlayFab offers to help you build, launch and grow your game in this 8-part video tutorial.