Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • PlayFab SDK Now Available for Corona

    2016-10-04 by pgilmore

    We’re happy to announce that our PlayFab SDK for Corona is now available via the Corona marketplace.

  • Introducing... Xsolla!

    2016-09-29 by MarcoWilliams

    PlayFab is excited to welcome Xsolla into our Add-Ons Marketplace. This payment provider joins PayPal in providing a platform-agnostic way to receive and process payments in your game.

  • 4 Tips for Bringing Western Casual Games to Asia

    2016-03-18 by JamesGwertzman

    Casual games have never been more popular, and the resources to bring your game to the Asia Pacific market have never been more within the reach of ordinary developers.

  • Porting the Consul Go API to C#

    2015-09-18 by MarcoWilliams

    To run the best backend platform, you need the best tools. This is so important to us at PlayFab, that we recently decided to create a new API for a third-party tool, simply because we really wanted to use it. The tool is Consul, we made the API in C#, and we're now sharing this resource with the rest of the development community.

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