Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • SDK Update Blog

    2017-08-04 by pgilmore

    For the past month, we have been working on fulfilling this promise for some of the SDKs which had fallen behind, two in particular: Unreal and Lumberyard.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Deprecation Notice

    2017-07-18 by pgilmore

    With the release of Visual Studio 2017, we are reducing our effort to support VS2013. This blog post explains what actions will be taken and what changes are to be implemented.

  • New TypeScript SDKs

    2017-01-30 by pgilmore

    We have created TypeScript typings for our JavaScript and Node SDKs. We’ve also created a new repository to store TypeScript typings for our CloudScript environment.

  • New SDK Getting Started Guides

    2017-01-06 by pgilmore

    In this post, we list and link to our many new guides. Many are each SDK specific, and have detailed instructions on how to install any environment, hook up the corresponding PlayFab SDK, and make your first Login API call.

  • Windows SDK Update Released

    2016-12-13 by pgilmore

    The new major update to our Windows SDK is now live. You can get the latest version by installing the NuGet package, via Visual Studio.

  • Windows SDK Update Blog

    2016-11-21 by pgilmore

    We are building a replacement for our Windows SDk, which will try to address many of its known issues. See our Github page for a sneak preview of this replacement.

  • C# SDK Updated

    2016-11-07 by pgilmore

    We have introduced a wide range of upgrades to the C# SDK.

  • PlayFab SDK Now Available for Corona

    2016-10-04 by pgilmore

    We’re happy to announce that our PlayFab SDK for Corona is now available via the Corona marketplace.

  • PlayFab -- Now Serving JavaScript SDK via CDN

    2016-09-12 by pgilmore

    Web developers will be pleased to know that our latest JavaScript SDK can now be pulled directly from our Content Delivery Network.

  • Introducing LuaSDK and Defold

    2016-09-06 by pgilmore

    Today, PlayFab is introducing the new LuaSDK to our library of SDKs, enabling more developers to use PlayFab in their games.