Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • Introducing Bulk Actions and Scheduled Tasks

    2016-11-28 by JamesGwertzman

    Today we’re excited to be announcing the most powerful and versatile pair of LiveOps features we’ve created yet – Bulk Actions and Scheduled Tasks.

  • Introducing A/B Testing in PlayFab

    2016-06-14 by JamesGwertzman

    Today we’re happy to announce the beginnings of support for A/B Testing, possibly the most frequent new-feature request we get at PlayFab.

  • Introducing PlayStream

    2016-05-12 by JamesGwertzman

    We’re thrilled to be able to unveil PlayStream, our latest addition to the PlayFab platform, and one that makes sophisticated, high-end automation of live game operations available to all game developers.

  • Introducing Targeted Stores

    2016-05-06 by JamesGwertzman

    Today we are announcing one of the first new features to use Segments -- targeted stores. With this feature, you can change the contents of an in-game store based on the player’s segmentation.

  • Introducing Game Manager 2.0

    2015-01-22 by JamesGwertzman

    PlayFab launches Game Manager 2.0 as an improvement on our established live game operations platform. Improvements include integrated CloudScript features, push notification control, user profile controls, and more.

  • Announcing Integration with

    2014-09-27 by JamesGwertzman

    PlayFab users can now take advantage of our newest feature that grants the ability to send PlayFab analytics event data to, which in turn can then route that data to nearly 120 other companies, including companies that do analytics, marketing automation, CRM, advertising, error reporting, and user testing.

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