Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • Visual Studio 2013 Deprecation Notice

    2017-07-18 by pgilmore

    With the release of Visual Studio 2017, we are reducing our effort to support VS2013. This blog post explains what actions will be taken and what changes are to be implemented.

  • PlayFab Now Available in China

    2016-09-18 by JamesGwertzman

    We are happy to announce that a limited PlayFab preview is now available in China.

  • Introducing LuaSDK and Defold

    2016-09-06 by pgilmore

    Today, PlayFab is introducing the new LuaSDK to our library of SDKs, enabling more developers to use PlayFab in their games.

  • More Visibility About Deprecation of API Methods

    2016-09-06 by pgilmore

    This blog post is about deprecation of PlayFab API methods and how it affects titles that are under active development.

  • New Unity Editor Extensions Beta!

    2016-08-26 by MarcoWilliams

    We are pleased to announce the initial public beta release of our Editor Extensions plugin. This plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring and managing the PlayFab SDK.

  • Unity SDK V2 - Released

    2016-07-22 by MarcoWilliams

    The PlayFab Unity SDK V2 has been available in Beta for 3 weeks, now. We did one week of an internal beta and two weeks of a public Beta, and the results have been excellent. So the time has come and we are pleased to announce that the new Unity SDK V2 is officially released!

  • Check out Unicorn Battle

    2016-07-13 by MarcoWilliams

    Today we are happy to release on GitHub the full source code for Unicorn Battle. Playing around with Unicorn Battle is a great way to experiment with what PlayFab can do.

  • Introducing the Jenkernaught

    2016-06-14 by pgilmore

    We are releasing the code to the Jenkernaught as part of our previously released SDK generator. Jenkernaught is designed to receive test results from devices, and relay them back to our build system so the test results can be combined and evaluated in one place.

  • Introducing PlayStream

    2016-05-12 by JamesGwertzman

    We’re thrilled to be able to unveil PlayStream, our latest addition to the PlayFab platform, and one that makes sophisticated, high-end automation of live game operations available to all game developers.

  • Cloud Script Updates

    2016-04-16 by BrendanVanous

    We've updated Cloud Script with several changes, to make using it easier and to provide a better development experience.