Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • Introducing Data "Sharehousing" with Snowflake

    2017-07-17 by ZachStone

    Thanks to our integration with cloud-based data warehouse provider Snowflake, PlayFab can now provide one-click access to all your game's raw data, in near-real time, via SQL. No messing around with log files, data export, custom ETL, or balky import scripts -- it just works!

  • Thriving in an Oversaturated Game Market

    2015-10-15 by JamesGwertzman

    The data is in! Mobile games are more available world wide and easier to make than ever. So how is a game developer to get noticed and see success in an over-saturated market? This blog post analyses the data and shares some of PlayFab's strategies for success.

  • Using Integration Testing to Monitor Live Services

    2015-10-08 by Melissa Benua

    Melissa Benua explains the processes behind implementing integration tests to monitor service health in ways that don't weaken services. She also explains the reasoning behind publicly sharing the test results and further details how this new service works with our ever-improving API.

  • Using Load Testing and AWS Detailed Billing to Calculate Cost-per-API

    2015-09-29 by MarcoWilliams

    We've tackled the problem of forecasting costs by relying on a tool very familiar to us as backend engineers: Automated load testing.

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