Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

  • New Aggregation Methods for Statistics

    2016-04-16 by BrendanVanous

    We have made some very cool changes to how player statistics can get set. Now you can also define the logic it uses for accepting new values, by defining its aggregation method.

  • The Numbers Behind the Rise of Collectible Card Games

    2015-09-18 by MarcoWilliams

    Our friends at muti labs unveiled their epic card battler Days of Discord this week, and it seemed like a good time to lay down some of the latest numbers charting the huge rise of digital collectible card games.

  • 10 Million Players Now Registered in PlayFab!

    2015-09-18 by MarcoWilliams

    PlayFab has reached a total of 10 million players across all games on our platform. We've collected some other statistics to measure our growth.

  • Some Fun PlayFab Stats

    2014-07-30 by JamesGwertzman

    PlayFab's first set of "Fun Facts" statistics. Selected from data collected from PlayFab's beginning to March 2014, this set of "Fun Facts" paints an impressive picture of our performance so far.

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