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byThomas Gutschmidt 2022-06-21

Take advantage of Azure Data Explorer with Playfab data connections

A few months ago, we announced Azure PlayFab Data Connections had moved to Public Preview: Take control of data in your resources using data connections (

Today, we’re expanding Data Connections to support Azure Data Explorer (ADX).

Data connections is purpose-built for near real-time data ingestion and is designed to provide you with higher throughput, more flexibility, and help you optimize your costs. ADX is used by our customers for real-time debugging and ad-hoc querying, which when combined with Playfab becomes a powerful LiveOps tool.  

Getting Started

Check out our QuickStart guide here to get started using the power of Azure’s cloud tooling in ADX with PlayFab’s gaming data services.

For existing PlayFab customers who are new to Azure, you can sign up for 12 months of free Azure and a $200 credit. Start here: Create Your Azure Free Account Today | Microsoft Azure

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