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byShikhaTarware 2022-03-23

Take control of data in your resources using data connections

We’re excited to announce the "data connections” feature, earlier referred to as “Bring Your Own Storage” is now available in public preview. Data connections enables the continuous near real-time distribution and ingestion of PlayStream and Telemetry data into a chosen and authorized storage resource in your Azure subscription, such as Azure Blob Store. It functions as an integration point with the customer’s resources. You can configure up to three Azure blob storage accounts in WestUS2. 

Data connections is purpose-built for near real-time data ingestion and is designed to provide you with higher throughput, more flexibility, and optimized storage cost.  This feature in combination with Event Sampling allows precise control over which events appear in your storage account. Have a noisy event? Easily filter it out or sample it down to save storage cost.

You get to take control of your data and manage it in your resource in your Azure subscription. You can choose your access management and retention. The data is exported in Parquet format for advanced analytics and reporting, running ad-hoc queries, archiving for a flexible retention period. In case of a failure, a built-in retires mechanism (up to 24 hours) is in place to ensure data quality. 

You can get started with data connections for event ingestion to your resource using PlayFab’s Game Manager portal or APIs.

Get Started!

Are you ready to get started with data connections? Check out our overview video and QuickStart guide.

You’ll need an Azure account and storage subscription. 

For existing PlayFab and Azure customers, you can create a storage container on Azure Portal and get started with data connections on Azure PlayFab

For existing PlayFab who are new to Azure, you can sign up for an Azure account. Start with an Azure free account, 12 months of popular services free, and a $200 credit. Create the games on Azure that you would play.

Feature roadmap

The next iteration involves bringing in more integration points to various resources of your subscription, like Azure Data Explorer, Event Hubs, and more. 
Your opinion is essential to improve the service and prioritize the type of resource(s) most preferred by you for the next integration using data connection. You can help with the feature's advancement and direction by giving us your feedback on our customer Forum.