Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

byPaul Gilmore 2017-01-30

New TypeScript SDKs

We have created TypeScript typings for our JavaScript and Node SDKs. We’ve also created a new repository to store TypeScript typings for our CloudScript environment.

If you’re not familiar with TypeScript, no worries, these upgrades are optional, and you can continue using these SDKs the same way you always have. But, if you’re familiar with TypeScript, you can take advantage of the strong typing and error-checking available in the TypeScript environment.

New Cloud Script Typings

Programming in our Cloud Script has always been a bit of trial and error. Our new CloudScript typings reduce the barrier for entry and help you produce useful bug-free code faster. Our Cloud Script example is the same code we use internally to test our SDKs before publishing. It’s small, but it’s live code that’s in use.

Breaking Changes

The PlayFab JavaScriptSdk had no clear separation for which files were the SDK, and which were example files. We are separating the SDK and the Example into separate folders for clarity. (The JavaScript CDN file paths are unchanged)

Otherwise, there are no significant changes to the existing .js files for either JavaScript nor Node, so existing projects will not require any changes.

Updated Example Projects

Our NodeSdk already contained a complete testing project. We’ve updated this project to fully utilize the new TypeScript features.

Our JavaScriptSdk contained one HTML file, which minimally served as an example. With the addition of TypeScript, we’ve expanded this example to a full Visual Studio TypeScript web project.

Major Revision Number Updated

New TypeScript definitions is a significant upgrade, so we are updating the major revision number for this release. Both SDKs will be released as 1.0.

GitHub Links!

Our GitHub repository locations are unchanged, and can be seen here:

The Cloud Script repository has existed for a while, but this is the first time we are announcing it for public use: