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byPaul Gilmore 2018-02-01

Unity Version Support

PlayFab is removing support for Unity Versions 4.7 thru 5.2

If you in active development, using Unity 5.2 or older, this may be a good time to invest in updating your Unity version, and PlayFab UnitySDK version.

If you're on Unity version 5.3 or later, the rest of this blog post doesn't apply to you.


For almost two years, PlayFab has carefully maintained support for a wide variety of Unity versions. Specifically, the latest 4.x version (which has been 4.7.2 since May 2016), and every version higher. We also test many of the latest beta versions to make sure the next Unity version release will go smoothly for PlayFab customers. We understand the difficulty of upgrading your SDK versions, and your engine versions, so we have supported the widest variety we could.

However, we have decided to drop support for the oldest several Unity releases, specifically: 4.7, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2

A handful of factors have gone into this decision, but this is probably the biggest one:
Unity has reported a security issue with older versions of Unity, and for the oldest ones, there will be no patch. Those installers will be forever vulnerable to that problem, and require executing their mitigation tool after installation.

The rest of the reasons are mostly only relevant to PlayFab. There is a time and cost for testing so many versions of Unity.  All of it is automated, but it still lengthens the time it takes between building, testing, and publishing a new SDK. We needed to cut some old versions to reduce the build times, and the security issue gave us a convenient place to make the decision.

Unity 5.3 was first published Dec 2015, which means we support just over the last two years of Unity versions. Support in this case being defined as: Our SDK builds are built with, and successfully execute a series of API tests, designed to demonstrate that the SDK is working across a wide feature set. For supported versions, we will also answer questions on our forums, and debug issues reported by customers.

As of today, the full list of versions we're testing with, are as follows:

  • Unity2018.1.0b4
  • Unity2017.3.0f3 (Main publish version, which builds output files and asset bundles)
  • Unity2017.2.1f1
  • Unity2017.1.3f1
  • Unity5.6.5f1
  • Unity5.5.6f1
  • Unity5.4.6f3
  • Unity5.3.8f1

All versions are tested to compile for Android, iOS, and UWP as well.

As always, we will continue to periodically check for updates to each Unity version, as well as new versions.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, post on our forums.