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by CJWilliams 2019-01-31

Upcoming Roadmap: 2019 Q1 (January – March) Edition

We’re happy to announce our latest quarterly PlayFab roadmap updates. We heard lots of good feedback that you enjoy receiving this visibility into our development process. As always, we want to hear your feedback – you can post in the Feedback Requests section of our forums.

Update from Q4

Following one of our core values of transparency, we want to first share an update on the features we planned to ship last quarter, before giving details into our plans for next quarter. You can check back to our Q4 roadmap blog post for more context on any of these:

  • Revoke older Cloud Script revision. You can now revoke an older revision of cloud script. Just view the older revision and click “remove revision <number>”.
  • Leaderboard upgrade. We have made a major upgrade to our leaderboard feature, including the abilities to have leaderboards for a portion of your userbase, metadata stored with each entry, more leaderboard customization options and faster performance.  This feature has been in private preview for the past couple of months and public launch will happen in Q1.
  • User Generated Content (UGC). UGC is currently in private preview. 
  • Benchmarks. Early in the quarter we delivered benchmarks. For more information please read our documentation.
  • Facebook Instant Games. This quarter we launched the ability to use PlayFab with Facebook Instant Games. For more information please read our documentation.
  • Localized Game Manager. The PlayFab Game Manager is now available in German, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.  For more information please read our blog introducing the feature.
  • Multiplayer Server Public Preview. Our re-engineered multiplayer server orchestrator solution was launched in public preview late last year.  For more information please read our documentation
  • Open ID Connect. You can now log-in with any Open ID Connect account.  For more information you can view our documentation.

We are continuing to work on a few features that will be available in Q1:

  • Secure Game Center authentication
  • Search for an entity group by name
  • Visual Studio App Center Integration
  • New Documentation Site 

We are continuing to work on a few features with availability after Q1:

  • PlayFab Data Warehouse
  • Two-way connectivity (aka PubSub)
  • Configuration management

Upcoming Q1 features

Our focus for Q1 is to enhance the core components of PlayFab including developer authentication, cloud script, our programing model and SDKs.

  • Game Manager authentication with Azure Active Directory. Studios will now be able to authenticate their developers with their own Azure Active Directory accounts which will allow studios who have corporate accounts to manage PlayFab access similar to other studio resources.
  • C# Cloud Script.   Cloud Script, powered by Azure Functions, enables scalable serverless compute with your choice of development language, VS Code integration, and debugging.  (#1 in our forums).
  • New PlayFab Programming Model With guild support we started down the path of a new more flexible programming model, which at the core uses an entity as the center of API interactions.  Entities are similar to Players but is more flexible because it can represent Players, groups, clans, guilds and much more.  This quarter we are enabling many of our existing PlayFab features to work with entities including:
    • Economy APIs for entities
    • PlayStream for entities
    • Entity Search
    • Policy for entities
    • SDK support entities
  • SDK enhancements.  We are also adding a number of enhancements to our SDK including multi-user support for Client SDKs, multi-instance support for Server SDKs, and adding a PlayFab Authentication Service which implements the best practice workflow for authentication in a game client for our Unity SDK first and others will be coming later.

We also have some additional new features we will be announcing at GDC – so be sure to come visit our booth at GDC to find out more.

As always, while these updates reflect our aspirations for upcoming features, please remember that these features and timelines and subject to change without additional notice. If there are additional features you’d like to see added to our roadmap in the future, please vote on or add to the Feature Requests section of our forums.