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byLori Smith 2015-10-21

User Acquisition Basics: Get the White Paper

With hundreds of new games arriving in app stores every day, getting players to try a new game is one of the biggest hurdles developers face. After all, the best game in the world will still fail if no one plays it. Planning a user acquisition (UA) strategy is thus a key part of game operations.

Finding the right strategy depends on a game's budget, strategy and genre, but broadly speaking, every UA strategy has three parts:

  • Earned: Players referred from external non-paid channels (e.g. social sharing, search, press)

  • Paid: Players referred from external paid channels (e.g. ad campaigns)

  • Owned: Players referred from internal channels (e.g. a game’s blog or social media posts) 

Our latest white paper explains these three types of user acquisition and tips for using them, plus the three keys to success for any user acquisition plan.

Download the white paper here.