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by ThomasGutschmidt 2019-03-15

User Generated Content Private Preview

As part of the Microsoft Game Stack announcement we are proud to present PlayFab User Generated Content, which is now available in Private Preview. PlayFab UGC was built to provide an easy to use, snappy, and relatively generic solution for developers to build UGC catalogs for their games. It is derived from the same technology used by Minecraft Marketplace and other Xbox Game Studios partners, and we have worked hard to integrate it into PlayFab so that developers everywhere can bring User Generated Content to their games. 

PlayFab UGC brings a number of great capabilities to game creators: 

  • Storage and Content Delivery of your user generated content binaries and images
  • Catalog Functionality with controls and metadata that will be familiar to PlayFab developers
  • Flexible Catalog Search designed to allow you to build unique and custom in-game views and tooling
  • Moderation APIs to round out your community experience
  • Integration with the rest of PlayFab, so that you can take advantage of things like automated workflows, stats, and PlayFab economy features as you build out your game’s UGC story 

We’ll be showcasing PlayFab User Generated Content (and plenty of other new services and tools for game creators) at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week.  For those interested in learning more about the service you can get a demonstration at the Microsoft Game Stack GDC booth. If you are interested in joining the preview we have a limited number of spots open. Email, and we will enable your PlayFab title for the free preview if space allows.

We hope to make PlayFab UGC an easy to use and robust solution for creators of all kinds, and are looking forward to both your feedback and to see the amazing things you enable your communities to build with it.