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byThom Robbins 2015-10-19

Video: Behind the Scenes with Hyper Hippo

Hyper Hippo is the studio behind the popular idle game AdVenture Capitalist. In this video series they share their iterative approach to game design, the importance of live services, and why they’re using PlayFab’s backend service to fuel their game.

Part of what sets Hyper Hippo apart is a zeal to tinker, explore and learn. CEO Lance Priebe says he’s a strong believer in the lean startup method, and applying it to game design by quickly iterating based on audience feedback.

“We strongly believe in live services,” says Priebe. “What that means is the ability to be able to take your game and adapt it as it’s running so each week, so if we want to change something in the game or take feedback from our fans, or run a new experience, PlayFab allows us to change the game without actually rebuilding the entire game and shipping it every time.”

“PlayFab allows you to get a lot of functionality right out of the box,” says senior programmer Kevin Yockey. That allows the Hyper Hippo team to focus on the game itself, instead of servers. “It’s like having another person on the team who says 'I’ve got this,'” says lead game designer Cody Vigue.