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byThom Robbins 2015-10-23

Webinar Wrap-Up: Live Game Ops Academy - Monetization

The PlayFab Live Game Ops Academy is the place to learn the key concepts for success with your live game operations. We know that operating a live game is hard, and there’s a huge gap in performance between the top-grossing game developers and everyone else. The PlayFab Live Game Ops Academy is designed to help teach the skills that you need to close this gap.

If there is one word that can bring chills to many game developers, it's monetization. Making money from games used to be so much simpler: you attached a reasonable price, made the game available, and away you went. Nowadays you have to consider which parts of your game are going to make money, whether you're nudging consumers in the right direction, whether you're balancing the money grabbing with enough fun to keep the players engaged — and that even before your game is on sale! This webinar covers the basics of monetization for your game.

Didn’t make it? You can watch the video above or view the slides.

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