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by JamesGwertzman 2014-05-09

Welcome to the PlayFab Developer Blog!

Greetings and welcome to the PlayFab developer blog! PlayFab exists for one reason: Games have become services. A successful game today requires huge investments in reliable backend infrastructure and 24/7 operations. Generally it's the very largest companies that have been able to build these services, and they often come burdened with platform and policy restrictions that limit your creative and profit potential. Our goal is to democratize these services by offering our "Backend-as-a-Service" (or BaaS) to game developers of any size, and let you compete, regardless of your size and budget. This blog is one of the methods that we plan to use to connect with you, the developer, and stay in touch. Over time we plan to post a regular stream of information, from new feature updates and best practices, to white papers and tips and tricks. However, we don't want this conversation to be one-sided and we also want to hear your suggestions, questions, and especially your criticism! We want to know what we're doing right, as well as where we can improve. We encourage you to post your feedback below, and participate in our forums. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for the developer interest and positive feedback so far -- we want to exceed your expectations. Although we have dedicated support mechanisms in place, please feel free contact us if you ever have any problems. We'll fix it, and importantly, learn from the experience. Thank you!