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by 2021-11-11

Announcing CloudScript using Azure Functions is now GA

After over a year in public preview, CloudScript Functions is ready for primetime. PlayFab's integration with Azure Function is making Microsoft's world-class serverless platform easily accessible to game developers.  CloudScript Functions empowers you to build anything using your programming language of choice. CloudScript Functions is the solution for any titles looking to use CloudScript going forward. CloudScript classic will remain available for titles that are already using it.

With CloudScript Functions, you have the power! Extend PlayFab however you want. CloudScript empowers you to:

  • Securely execute server-side game logic
  • Integrate with any web service
  • Scale using the full power and capability of Azure
  • And much more!

It's all possible with CloudScript using Azure Functions.

If you’re already using the public preview, you don't need to do anything! If you're using CloudScript Classic, now is a great time to migrate to CloudScript functions. It makes developing and operating your game easier:

  • Support for more programming languages
  • Superior scalability
  • End-to-end development experience for building, debugging, and deploying your code
  • Improved reliability and performance

Are you ready to get started with CloudScript Functions? Check out our overview video and quickstart guide.